About Taneaux

Concepts, such as defining a goal, developing a plan, monitoring, and controlling progress towards a goal have been formalized in the business world as “project management (PM)”. These concepts of PM are simple but not easy in practice – but would be useful for everyone from corporate management to children.

These basic concepts of PM, when applied to everyday situations, can help people to manage scarce resources, such as time and money, to efficiently achieve their goals, regardless of size. It would be beneficial for anyone to be able to apply PM concepts as second-nature, without conscious effort. What better time to teach these concepts and skills, than in childhood, when learning can be made fun?

In hope of giving the best possible chance to achieve their maximum potential, Taneaux, will teach the concepts of PM to children.

For our on-going enhancement of our own skills and best practices, we continue to support companies and other organizations with practical advice on project/program management as well as on day-to-day operations.

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President & Principal Consultant

Mikki Tomoeda

Owner / 代表社員

石井 美樹


Tokyo, Japan

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English, 日本語


April 2012